Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Screen Tests

The only downside to wood fired or brick oven style pizzas is that the crust tends to get a bit soft and soggy as it sits on the platter. I knew there had to be something we could do about that and we discussed briefly resting the pizzas on a rack to allow some of the steam to dissipate while the cheese cooled and set. While picking up some extra pizza peels at Restaurant Depot we happened to see these screens. Although I think they may be intended for baking pizzas in a conventional oven they suited our purposes admirably.
As with most foods a slight rest allowed us to make better pizzas. Five minutes on the screen and then we sprinkled on some basil leaves and grated parmigiano over the top. Everything was still hot, the crust was crisp, chewy, and delicate and the cheese didn't run. These pies were as close to perfection as we've gotten thus far.

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