Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watermelon Rind Barigoule

We removed the outer skin from the watermelon. Then we sliced the rind off of the melon. The flesh is being utilized for another preparation. We cut the slabs of watermelon rind into rough triangles. We cooked them in a mixture of habanero infused olive brine, white wine, water, onion and salt. We brought the mixture to a simmer and then cooked the rind until it was just tender. When it was tender we turned off the heat and added lemon basil, garlic chives, lovage and lemon verbena. We put a lid on the mixture and let it infuse for 15 minutes. We removed the spent herbs and cooled the watermelon rind down. It is now ready to eat as is. The excitement lies in where we can go with it.

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